Salon Ambience Catalogue 2016

The new Salon Ambience 2016 catalogue is now online! A wide choice of salon proposals furnished with Italian style that sets Salon Ambience apart! For information and prices please contact your Salon Ambience distributor (found in the ‚distributor’ section of our website)!

Mailing Salon Ambience 05/2016

The new Salon Ambience mailer (valid until 31/08/2016) is here!

Don’t miss out! Find your nearest trusted Salon Ambience distributor on our website!


AMBIENCE “the character and atmosphere of a place”

Salon Ambience is proud to introduce ‘AMBIENCE’; a brand new 36-page catalogue presenting a range of beautiful salon styles together with a variety of timeless, elegant and refined product and colour proposals. AMBIENCE gives you just a taste of what can be achieved with a Salon Ambience salon; the possibilities are endless! Contact your trusted Salon Ambience distributor for more information, or write to us at, and ‘find your Ambience’!